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Three meerkats stood up and one on all fours

Safety just got furry

It’s not enough to solely rely on the rules to keep us safe. They’re great for the basics, but we can’t write a rule for absolutely everything. Instead, we need to look out for our mates by listening to our inner-meerkats, which is the instinct to detect danger that we all have. If you sense something could go wrong, be a mate and say something. 



Meet the crew

Get to know the people behind the meerkats. The crew who sensed danger and stopped it.

Watch the story

Something’s up. Tim’s workmates have sensed he could be in trouble, but will they get there in time?

Profile of Shane with two meerkats

You can sense it

We all have the power to sense when something’s about to go wrong. It’s like we have our own pack of meerkats that stand to attention.

  • Does a workmate look tired? Keep an eye out for them – they might not be focused on what they’re doing.
  • Feeling the pressure to get things done faster? Don’t let your mates cut corners when it comes to their safety.
  • Seen a hazard? That spill could lead to a slip. Or maybe that stack is so high it could fall over.
Kylee running with a meerkat in front of her

You can stop it

When we sense something could go wrong, we need to step up and say something. It could be what saves a mate’s life.

  • Think a workmate is in danger? Don’t be shy about telling them. After all, you’re just trying to keep them safe.
  • Seen a hazard? If it’s something you can safely sort yourself, do it. Otherwise, let the appropriate person know.
  • Maybe it’s you that’s in danger? If you’re feeling unsafe, let someone know, so your workmates can take care of you too.

Print a poster

Wherever you work your meerkats are always on the lookout. Remind your team to stay alert and aware by bringing some furry safety into your workplace with these printable posters.

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Something's Up Poster 1

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Something's Up Poster 2

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Something's Up Poster 3

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